ITMS. Experts in IT: IT consulting, System Analysis & System Architecture


IT Consulting

  • Systems Analytics, design and research activities in the field of information technology – development, restoration and maintenance of requirements for software, product, tool, hardware and complex software, automated information system or automated control system throughout their life cycle (Profesional Standard).
  • System architecture development, Software architecture development
  • Development of documentation including GOST (Euro-Asian State Standard) and RUP standards, including:
    • Requirements specification
    • Technical specification
  • Prototyping, proof-of-concept, development of tests and prototype IT solutions
  • Business Analytics - Business Intelligence
  • «IT architectural inspection»

Development of solutions for Data collection, Analysis and Storage

  • Collection, enrichment, stream processing and data analysis
  • Scraping/Anti-scraping
  • Data-Engineering
  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
  • Working with big data and high loaded systems
  • Organization of data warehouses and data lakes

Technical consulting for the development of modern electronics

  • Analytics in the development of hardware (electronics) for IoT, industrial and scientific automation.
  • Expert evaluation of existing solutions.
  • Selection of technologies and approaches for the implementation of your ideas.
  • Product concept, selection of modern equipment and components.
  • Development of technical specifications for the development of hardware and low-level software (firmware).
  • Support for your development.
  • Work with performers (electronics engineers, engineers, etc.)


Worked with Denis Bondarenko's team on several projects. Excellent practical knowledge of modern technologies allows them to quickly design loaded projects from scratch. Taking into account the real needs of the customer. Recommended.
CloudPRO | Center for Virtualization Technology Vyacheslav Kalinin CEO of CloudPRO project CloudPRO
...Our company has been working for years with Denis Bondarenko, the head of the ITMS team. We are fully satisfied with the way he solves his customers' problems, their careful analysis and optimal solutions. One of the main features of our relationship is a structured approach to finding solutions to problems and high professional skills. At the same time, the level of competence in the construction of architecture and infrastructure for the analysis of big data is, without exaggeration, the highest of what we have worked with...
I have known Denis for several years. His team did an excellent job of collecting data from open sources for our large project. We got high-quality results in time, as a result, we were able to train our neural networks. Well-structured communication within the team should also be noted - The Team always clearly states the responsibility, risks, expectations and options for the development of events. A fully professional approach to projects!
Denis Bondarenko with his team demonstrated high competence in the field of data collection and analysis. Their skills and the use of modern technologies made it possible to collect information on the cost of basic materials on the Finnish market to estimate the cost method of the cost of the Hanhikivi-1 NPP (Finland).
Roowix Maxim Belyakov Director Roowix
Denis Bondarenko and his colleagues are experts in such IT fields as system analysis, system architecture, analysis and stream data processing. They use advanced design and development tools.
Sibset Yulia Didenko Head of subscriber base development, regional sales and service Sibset
Thank guys from ITMS for such a serious approach to the project. Very high quality, and most significantly in time. During the work it was necessary to make adjustments with which the team of Denis Bondarenko coped with a bang! Although the project was not simple, and the request was very large, it did not embarrassed the guys. As a result, a cool automated bot for our project! Our colleagues are delighted!! Thanks again for the fruitful work.



  • System analysis
  • Automation of business processes
  • IT solutions development
  • Business analysis
  • IT systems architecture
  • Test automation and software development
  • PMI experts
  • VR
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Big data processing
  • Ontologies, AI, NLP
  • Technologies for collecting, storing and processing data

Experience of our team in companies

  • Banks
  • Top financial organizations
  • Top construction companies
  • Top software developers
  • Integrators
  • State structures, Ministries


Our own project portfolio

In the field of e-Commerce

In the field of security

  • "Berdsk" system


  • PMBoK, BABoK, SWEBoK, DMBoK, Mind Mapping
  • UML 2+, Archimate, EPC, BPMN, etc.
  • MS Office: MS Project, Visio, OneNote, Excel, Word
  • Project Expert
  • PlantUML, Visual Paradigm, Enterprise Architect, Archi, ARIS
  • Weka, RapidMiner, Orange 3
  • Hadoop, Spark, Graph Storage Engines, DBMS: Cassandra, OrientDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, MongoDB, BigQuery, CosmosDB, etc.
  • CloudPRO, Microsoft Azure IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and others
  • Bash, awk, sed, jq, etc.
  • Node.js, Java, Groovy, Scala, R, Python, PHP, Perl, C/C++, C#, OCaML, etc.
  • PL/SQL, CQL, OSQL, Gremlin, SPARQL, Cypher, MapReduce and others.
  • Algorithms, frameworks and machine learning libraries
  • Labview, Orcad, Keil, SolidWorks


Maria Bondarenko, Executive Director

Maria Bondarenko

Chief Operating Officer

Denis Bondarenko, Main Architector

Denis Bondarenko

Chief Architect

Vladislav Korpusov, Business Analyst, Quality Manager

Vladislav Korpusov

Business Analyst, Quality Manager

Mikhail Zhuravlev, Enterprise Architect

Mikhail Zhuravlev

Enterprise Architect

Alexey Penskikh, Principal Software Engineer

Alexey Penskikh

Principal Software Engineer

Alexander Gribovsky, Chief Electronic Design Engineer

Alexander Gribovsky

Chief Electronic Design Engineer

Natalia Galanova, Data Scientist

Natalia Galanova

Data Scientist

Victor Demin, Data Scientist

Victor Demin

Data Scientist

Vladimir Bogdan, Computer Vision Developer

Vladimir Bogdan

Computer Vision Developer

Margarita Ivanova, Technical Writer, Testing Engineer

Margarita Ivanova

Technical Writer, Testing Engineer

Andrey Zubkov, Lead AI Specialist

Andrey Zubkov

Lead AI Specialist

Juan Pinzon, System (Business) Analyst

Juan Pinzon

System (Business) Analyst

Maxim Fedotov, Full-Stack Developer

Maxim Fedotov

Full-Stack Developer


Address: 630090, 12-Nikolaeva str., Novosibirsk, Russia
Phone: +7 913 005 69 85 (10:00 - 19:00 Novosibirsk Time GMT+7)